I am

We’ve been here for more than 200 years. And in our university’s long history, we’ve celebrated triumphs and faced challenges, becoming a vital part of this community and a catalyst for better lives for countless people.

Our history and our accomplishments didn’t change with the news that has plagued us recently.

We are more than this.

We are the many and will not be collectively defined by the transgressions of the few. It’s time for us to take back our story.

We are 30,000 hard-working students, faculty and staff.

We are 130,000+ proud alumni.

We are countless UofL fans, friends and supporters.

We define our future. We define who we are.

We are resilient, and we’re not going anywhere. Watch us transform lives in ways large and small for the next 200+ years.

This is who we are.


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